What We Do

Trunkey solutions for Pharmaceuticals Production and Packaging

We supply all types of equipments to Pharmaceuticals including dry granulation line, wet granulation line, liquid filling line, ampul filling line, vial filling line, sachet packaging etc click here

Trunkey Solutions for Solid and Semi Solid Line

Crusher, Shifter, Bin Blender, Bin Mixer, High Shear Mixer, Tablet Coating, Tablet Press, Emulsifier etc for Pharma Industry click here

Pharmaceutical Primary and Secondery Packaging Solution

Bister Packaging, Sachet Filling Line, Liquid Filling Line, Powder Packaging Line, Mono Cartoon, Cartooning Machine etc. click here

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What Our Customers Think

Thanks to Neem Sha International & Perten for after sales support. We are very satisfied with Neem Sah International Support.

--- Md.Oli Ullah, Asst.Manager(QA&QC), Hashem Flour Mills Ltd ,Mahana, Rupgonj, Narayangonj.


Hashem Flour Mills Ltd

Thanks to Neem Sha International & Perten for after sales support. We are very satisfied with Neem Sah International Support for FN1000 installation.

--- Mr. Rafiqul Islam, ACI Pure Flour Mills Ltd ,Mahana, Rupgonj, Narayangonj.


ACI Pure Flour Mills Ltd.

We thank Neem Sah International and Perten for Falling Number and Glutomatic System installation. We are very happy and satisfied for regular visit from Neem Sah International.

--- MD. Aktaruzzaman(Prince),  Dy.Manager(Quality Assurance), Akij Flour Mills Ltd(AFML), Narayangonj.


Akij Flour Mills Ltd(AFML).

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Core Features of Avantech

We start our approach by connecting our valuable clients with a simple phone call or face to face meeting.

Best Sales team

We have a very good Sales & marketing team. They are ready to make you understand the actual needs of your company.

Experienced Service Team

We have best service team. They are very much experience to solve the machine problems. Not only that, if needed, we invite our friend from abroad to solve the problems.

Fast Response

We support our customer all around the clock. Never hesitate to contact us in any situation. We will be happy to help you. Contact Us!

Why Choose Avantech

We have a very good reputation in market. How you believe on our words. The biggest and famous Bangladeshi company like Akij, IFAD, Nestle, Cp Bangladesh, ACI group and many more trust on us , so do you need anything to believe on us!